Shekay Fanny Pack


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Shekay Fanny Pack

Shekay Fanny Pack. Distinctive Bag embroidered with Afghan high quality leather. Enjoy the convenience of keeping your phone, credit cards, money, notebook, book, or any other related things all in one bag. It has a unique design made from genuine leather. Handicrafts is the best artistic expression of the Afghan people, particularly the Afghan women. Afghanistan’s hand weaving and fine carpet design is famous worldwide. Afghanistan’s handicrafts held a prominent place in international markets. Distinctive Afghan Rugs are made by Turkmen and some Uzbeks; characteristically these have parallel rows of geometric figures on a dark red ground, although many other patterns also exist. The Baluchi, well-known producers of prayer rugs, also make carpets mainly of wool, using a blend of dark colors. Camel hair and cotton are also used in some of these carpets. A variety of beautiful embroideries are also made for bridal trousseaus (the cloth in which the bride wraps her clothes and other personal possessions). The handicrafts include traditional clothes, carpet weaving, embroidery, bead weaving and leather braiding. Afghan culture has an advantage of having handicrafts in its contents. These handicrafts are now an integral part of the country’s tradition and can serve as an important industry in the future. The proper promotion of this industry will not only be helpful in generating economic gains but will also provide many skilled jobless people with great opportunities of earning a livelihood.
It will also encourage people in constructive activities, rather than becoming part of destructive activities, like terrorism. Further, it will provide great opportunities for Afghan women, without much deterrence from tribal bans, they can carry on this task right in their houses. And, the most important thing is that its promotion can be helpful in making the new generations inherit the skills with the same standards.

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Dimensions 19 × 6 × 17 cm



Cow Leather, embroidery, Fabric





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