Our Mission

Our Mission

About Kuchi

kuchi brand, the reviver of handicraft industries, was first launched in Kabul Afghanistan exhibiting the arts and handicraft products in a gallery in which every artistic handicraft combined with modern demands could be seen. kuchi brand products are going to be exhibited in international exhibitions and going to use kuchi brand galleries and online services to sell the products. The products of kuchi brand consist of handmade carpets, precious stone and semi-precious stones’ jewelry and decorative goods, fashion accessories, plain and needle-laced cushions and so on. kuchi products are 100 % natural and handmade, which adds to its uniqueness and the durability of the products. kuchi products have colorful designs, mixture of classic & modern that makes the brand trendy and prestigious. We are honored that our production process is friendly to environment and do not impose any harm to the society and nature. kuchi brand could not be defined as a trade, but a contribution to the labors

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Handmade Carpets of kuchi weaved by Afghan men and women

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